"As a commercial construction superintendent, I work with dozens of sub-contractors annually. The majority adhere to the notion that they are doing general contractors a favor by possibly showing up, possibly performing quality work and definitely submitting change orders on any item they can. Needless to say, your company, Martinez Fire Protection, is quite the opposite. I have never worked with a sub-contractor that has the integrity, work ethic and positive attitude displayed by yourself and each of your employees. For the past six months, during the renovation at DPS Bromwell Elementary School, you met or exceeded every schedule, deadline and inspection. Your hard work and dedication to customer service is a standard all sub-contractors should aspire to. You and your company met every project challenge, including contract costs head-on, without threat of change orders or cost overruns. Martinez Fire's company motto - We Make It Happen - are words Johnny and his crew live by and demonstrate every day they are on your job site. I look forward to working with Johnny and Martinez Fire Protection on future projects!"

Mark Mattivi, Superintendent, Himmelman Construction Inc.

"I just want to express my sincere thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to customer service and quality craftsmanship on my BACB project in Littleton. Your willingness to go the extra mile to see to it that the install was correct and complete, as well as your cooperation with other trades on the project, was indeed a breath of fresh air. Your crews are very professional and a true pleasure to work with. I know I will definitely recommend that Howell Construction uses your services in the future and will spread the word to other superintendents that I know. Your motto “We Make It Happen” truly fits your company!"

John C. Fallon, Sr. Project Superintendent, Howell Construction

"The superintendent and crew at Abe Lincoln High School are some of the best I have seen. They were very efficient and conscious of doing a timely, quality job. Excellent clean-up of work areas and great job of minimal damage both core drilling and piping. The foreman Johnny Martinez did an excellent job of catching problem areas and redesigning to meet code requirements - just wanted to give my thanks and praise to the foreman Johnny Martinez and his crew for their hard work and dedication on the project."

Hall Byers at GH Phipps

"I am writing this letter to commend the superior job that Martinez Fire Protection Co. has done for us at the Charles Schwab Office campus project. As a Senior Superintendent with Mortenson Construction, I have recently had the pleasure of working with Johnny Martinez, the owner of Martinez Fire Protection. Mr. Martinez and all of his crew were true craftsman who took great pride in their work. They were all very professional, and contributed greatly to the success we had on this project in areas of safety and quality. As I noted above, it was truly a pleasure working with a company that took such pride in their work. The South Metro Fire department was also very impressed. When it was time to pressure up all of our water lines, there was not a single leak, not even a drip. I have total confidence the Martinez Fire Protection Company will perform this well on future projects, and look forward to using them again."

Mike Maguire, Superintendent, Mortenson Construction

"I want to take a moment and talk about the hard work and cooperation that your field crew put into Jefferson High School, first of all I would like to, and have personally, thank Johnny Martinez for his hard work and great leadership on this high paced job. He made promises to Saunders at the beginning of the job and delivered. Johnny works extremely well with other trades and helps out in any way he can. I also admire the fact that he would never propose issues without first having a solution, which to a GC is a dream come true. I think you have a very good asset at your disposal. His crew respects him and shares the same drive and cooperation the he has. I appreciate all their hard work as well as their commitment to the schedule."